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Inquiry: please contact us by e-mail (by clicking on the Registration icon above), phone or fax for the initial yes to your request.

Terms of Business
(include liability limits and insurance cover per job) can be read (by clicking on the Terms & Conditions icon above).

Submit document and requirements through available document exchange facilities, i.e. by e-mail, fax, ISDN, Post or Courier Service. We support Mac and PC based platforms.

Quotation: A quotation, output timetable, delivery method, scale of charges and method of payment will be transmitted to you once we have sight of the material and the process is assessed.

The Translation Process: Translation or verification is carried out by native speaking professionals experienced in your industry. The usual sequence of steps that we follow to translate printed documentation are:

  • Study client’s needs (project goals, schedules).
  • Choose a project manager.
  • Plan the project.
  • Select translators and proofreaders/checkers.
  • Understand the source text.
  • Prepare glossaries (industry terms, product names or functions, etc.)
  • Define which items are not to be translated (e.g. left in original form or transliterated).
  • Complete translation.
  • Carry out a cultural review.
  • Format final output and adapt graphics(DTP) converting the documents into Arabic while maintaining all presentation criteria.
  • Check quality (style and format by DTP specialist).
  • Carry out final check for quality and completeness.
  • Deliver Final copy, electronically or otherwise, through document exchange facilities in an agreed format convenient to the client.

Please note that Arabic text cannot be edited or manipulated on non-Arabic supporting computer platform (with some exceptions. Ask for details).